About Me

Hi, I’m Marcus.

I’ve been a freelance UI designer for around 3 years and have worked remotely with clients mostly from North America and a few from the UK.

I haven’t always been interested in design and came to it from a completely unrelated background as I had been importing products from the far east and selling them online prior to becoming a designer. I honestly think I’ve found my calling and love what I do for a living, not many can say that so I believe I’m very lucky in that regard.

Design has opened up and whole new world to me so I’m very grateful I’m able to do what I do. I’m completely invested in learning and becoming better at my craft and educating myself in new areas will be a lifelong endeavor.

My 'Tech Stack'

In terms of communication I use Slack everyday and have my own channel so we could use that to talk about ongoing projects and such.

I use Marvelapp or Invision for showing designs and you can leave comments on them etc, it’s especially good for mobile apps because you can view the designs on a phone just like if it was an actual app.

Lastly I use Zeplin for finished designs because it allows developers to look at the designs in detail such as spacing, fonts, colours and the ability to grab the assets. Having a raw Sketch file is also good but I like the way Zeplin is set up and in my experience developers really love it for going from design to code efficiently.


Let’s work together!

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