About Marcus Handa

Just a simple dude who loves designing

I’ve been a freelance UI designer for around 3 years and have worked remotely with clients mostly from the western hemisphere.

I haven’t always been interested in design and came to it from a completely unrelated background. Before I found my calling as a designer I sold items on eBay that I imported from China.

I love what I do for a living, not many can say that so I believe I’m very lucky in that regard. Learning and becoming better at my craft will be a lifelong endeavour.

Let’s work together to bring your projects and idea’s to life!

Whether you have a solid plan or just an idea we can work to together to get it ready for development!

We can take your idea to a solid set of wireframes to give it some structure. Once your happy with those it’ll be time for some full mockups that you can pass on to your developers, present to your stakeholders or even use to get funding. If you already have wireframes and a solid plan I can work within that too, I’m happy to work in either capacity.

For communication on projects I like to use Slack. My design tool of choice is Sketch, the new kid on the block. To show designs and get feedback I use Invisionapp. When the designs are finished I use a service called Zeplin, every developer I’ve worked with loves it because it providers everything a developer needs to take the project to production.

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