My Role

Interface & Interaction Design

The Challenge

The client supplied some wireframe sketches. My job was to build upon those initial ideas and convert them into full mockups for the upcoming iOS mobile app.

The supplied sketches only covered a few screens so part of my job was to design all the screens in between. I ended up designing just under 20 screens in total.

Target Audience

The audience for this app are students that are revising for upcoming exams. It’s a new tool for today’s tech-savvy students that want to use the full power of the smartphone to prepare for exams rather than plain old pen and paper.


There are 3 main objectives to that you can do with this app which are quiz, buy, and share. I’ll go into a little more detail below:-

Quiz – Here you start your revision with questions that have been created by yourself or packs that are purchasable in-app via the store.

Buy – If you don’t want to create your own questions to revise with you can buy what you need from the in-app store. Whole categories like Maths are available or sub-categories such as Algebra or Calculus which would be cheaper than buying the whole category.

Share – This is for sharing user created packs of questions with friends. Rather than creating a ton of packs yourself you can share packs that you or your friends have created.

The Outcome

Click the images below to look at larger versions and other screens.

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