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The Challenge

I’ve always had friends and family ask me for film recommendations. I usually watch a few a week so probably a little bit more than the average person. I find it hard to keep tracking of all of the films I’ve watched so having a living list inside an app that would be a massive help. It would also be good to allow users to find recommendations inside an app rather than looking at various websites for reviews.

Target Audience

People like me that find it hard to keep track of all the films I’ve watched and which ones were my favourites.

Users that don’t want to waste time looking at reviews when they find something to their taste quickly inside the app.


There’s a number of things I want the app to do. First thing would to view the current favourite films based on different time periods such as the last 7 days, 30 days and past year. Also the all-time favourites list based on all the users most liked films. A friends list to see if they’ve added anything new.

Next up is the taste section which shows users with similar likes to you and the differences in your favourites list so you can find something potentially awesome that you never heard of.

There’s also profiles which show the users favourites and watchlist. Alerts is to keep you updated with new films your friends have added to their lists.

They’ll also be search and remove friend which should be self explanatory.

Each film will have it’s own respective details screen where you can like, add to watchlist/favourites. It’ll also indicate where you can watch the film with online options like Netflix and Prime Instant Video or if you want a hard copy from Amazon.


Film Friends Sketch


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The Outcome

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