A really impressive young guy from Canada called Calin Ranger approached me to design this web app. It allows users to create their own bundles of questions that’ll be sent to their mobile devices at regular intervals for revision purposes. Users can also buy question packs based around specific subjects.

My Role

I mostly did UI design on this project but also a little bit of UX. Calin had already handdrawn some wireframes with a few idea’s so it was my job to work on those initial idea’s and design an easy to use interface.

The Challenge

I’d previously worked on this idea in the form mobile app for Calin but he decided he wanted to lead with a web app to begin with. If I’m honest this project was a little easier than the previous one because I had a lot more space to work with.

Main Colours

The Outcome

The web app came out really nice in the end. It has 3 main sections, my questions, study buddies and store.

My questions stores all the user created and purchased question packs. You start off with the main subjects and you can then choose inner subjects e.g. choose maths and answer questions from there or go further and choose algebra. You can also send the questions to a buddy, edit them or turn of messages so you’ll no longer get notification on your mobile device.

Study buddies is where you can see how well your stacking up against friends, this is measured in the form of XP (a video game term). You can create groups based around subjects and invite friends to them.

Store is pretty self-explanatory, like my questions there are the main subjects and inner subjects. If you purchase a main subject all the inner subjects are included.

The web app is still in development and I can’t wait to play around with it when it’s ready!

What my clients say about me


“Marcus’s design skills and communication skills throughout this project were all valuable traits, which helped make the project run smoothly as possible. Working with Marcus, it’s easy to see his love and passion for design, this stands out in his work. Overall Marcus is very hardworking and a fantastic UI Designer. I believe Marcus would be a great asset to any project and I would highly recommend him.”

Kieran Sperring - Yuga

Managing Director

I found Marcus on a marketplace for designers after looking for one and talking to a few. His communication was great and he quickly got the gist of what we were doing. We decided to get him engaged for UI and in less than a month, he delivered more than 20 screens for our Android app using Sketch for different screen ratio and size. He then delivered those screens for iOS. Our developers were very happy with the package, so was I. In our next phase, I would like to have Marcus involved more in our UX. I wish him well in his future endeavors.

Parham Akhavan - Founder

NewsPal Media

I tried to take on the design for Rendezwho myself but hit a wall because I’m a developer not a designer. I think the designs Marcus provided were unique and visually simulating. I very much liked working with him on this project and think he provided very high quality work. I would like to work with Marcus in the future.

Adil Ansari - Co-Founder


“I’ve worked with Marcus on several websites. He is a rare combination of keen design sense coupled with modern workflow (Sketch 3 and Zeplin). He makes my life as a developer easier. He handles the design freeing me up to focus on the code.”

James Stone – Web Developer

James Stone Consulting


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