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Interface, Interaction & UX Design. Self-initiated project.

The Challenge

I’ve recently started traveling and did a lot of research about where I should head first which was was Chiang Mai, Thailand. I also read a ton of articles about working remotely and the challenges it may pose as well as interviews from people that already do it. As I can’t take all my possession with me I looked at lot’s of must-have gear that seasoned travellers take with them made sure I picked up all the essentials.

Basically I wanted to design a site the encompasses all of the things I researched above into a single website where people like me and seasoned travellers could get the information they need.

Target Audience

Users like myself that haven’t travelled and worked remotely before and want to find out more get all the information in one place.

Seasoned travellers looking for tips and tricks, new destinations and gear that might help them on there travels.


So the main reasons for this site is 4 fold, discover new destinations, find new gear, read interesting articles and learn from others by way of interviews.

Gear reviews – Here the user can find the latest and greatest gear that help them and make their travels easier. Everything from luggage to portable expresso machines will be reviewed here.

Interviews – Pretty self explanatory, they’ll be interviews from seasoned and newbie travelers alike. You might learn a few tips and tricks that save you from potential problems along the way.

Articles – These will cover a wide range of topics such as how traveling solo can get lonely, being productive while traveling and lists, everyone loves lists!

Destinations – Get the lay of the land on your new destination. The best rated food spots, how to get around, the weather and much more!



The Outcome

Click the images below to look at larger versions and other screens, alternatively you can view an interactive prototype by clicking the button below.

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