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Interface & Interaction Design

The Challenge

Yiga! is a pretty simple idea at its core. It’s an app created for the sole purpose of providing residents and visitors of the Caribbean discounts and events specific to their respective islands. The challenge was to create interfaces for mobile, tablet and desktop that spanned many platforms such as iOS, Android and the Web and keep it consistent in the process.

The client provided some sketches for the mobile designs and the brand colour. My job was to convert them into all the different sizes and platforms I outline above.

Target Audience

The audience is pretty broad for this project. Basically, it’s for residents and tourists so that can encompass many ages and backgrounds. Simply put the app needed to be simple and intuitive so anyone could use it.


The app consists of 5 main actions which I’ll go into a little bit of detail below.

Offer/Events – By tapping/click the Yiga! logo the user will be taken to the Offers and Events screens where they can see the latest deals on offer.

Card – This is basically a profile page where you can do the usual things like change your photo and see what offers your using and events your attending.

Buddies – You’ll be getting friend requests and this is where you can accept and decline them. Also, you can check out what deals and events your buddies have used.

My Island – Think of this like your directory for all the shops and services on your island. You can also view the offers and events specific to the shop/service you’re looking at.

Island News – Get all the latest news from your island.

The Outcome

Click the images below to look at larger versions and other screens.

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